B&PS, UK&I, 2019 Kick off Event





00:36 – 07:25 | Global B&PS view • Sean Narayanan


07:25 – 30:40 | Key achievements [people, client], New logos, What the market looks like for 2019, 9x vertical markets, What the new model will look like, 2019 operational plan & targets • Daniele Principato


30:40 – 36:50 | 2018 & 2019 finances for Atos & Atos Syntel • Andreas Walter


36:50 – 55:40 | Employee experience presentation, What the new org will look/feel like for our people, diversity & inclusion, How we should work together, talent, future fit, great place to work • Sam Ellis | Ellie Mosley


56:18 – 1:45:35 | Panel session (go through SliDo Qs from audience dialled in & prepared topics) • Facilitator, Louise Lawrey • Panel, Sean Narayanan | Daniele Principato | Joe Pygall | 2x Atos Syntel, Ben Andradi and Praveen Mahadani

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