GAAD 2021 at Atos

Creating an Accessibility Learning Culture - Mark-Wilcock

Accessibility, Age & Design & Research - Rama Gheerawo and Chris McGinley

Don’t Believe the Type - Gareth Ford Williams and Bruno Maag

Startups & Accessibility - Neil Barnfather, Gavin Neate, Rene Perkins, Antonio Santos, Isabelle Warnier

Paralympic Games & Accessibility - Patrick Stolpmann and Niyati Bharucha

SAP Accessibility Program - Nicole Windmann

How Employee Disability Networks Impact on Accessibility Development - Christopher Patnoe and David Sneddon

Inclusive Hybrid Workplace - Rajiv Arora and Philippe Mareine

Atos & Microsoft Shared Vision on Accessibility - Jean Philippe Courtois and Adrian Gregory

Leadership on Accessibility (Global Vision) - Élie Girard, June Lowery and Caroline Casey

Atos Accessibility Vision & Program - Neil Milliken and Yanica Ilieva

International Cooperation & Development - Dr. Bernd Schramm, Tanja Gönner, Dr. Axel Klaphake and Udo Littke

Salesforce Approach to Accessibility - Thomas Frantz

Conversation between Atos CTO Sophie Proust and Nataliya Kosmyna MIT Researcher

Building Accessibility Culture & Awareness through story telling - Tara Moss, Kate Nash and Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Investing in the Disability Talent Pipeline - Dr. Megan Lawrence

Accessibility as a Service - Jim Smith, Melanie de Vigan and Ineke Vermeulen

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is a community-driven effort whose goal is to dedicate one day to raising the profile of and introducing the topic of digital accessibility (web, software, mobile app/device etc.) and sharing how people with different disabilities use and benefit from inclusive technologies. Since GAAD is about awareness our aim is to reach to the broadest audience possible.

GAAD over the years

Atos has run GAAD events every year since 2015 covering all aspects of Accessibility